Water can help boost regional co-operation

Kathmandu: Water not only connects India, Nepal and China but can also be used to promote regional collaboration among them to better manage their resources and reduce hazardous risks specifically in Bihar’s Kosi basin for sustainable development, says an expert at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) that is based here.

All three countries, India, Nepal and China,  have something to gain. Nepal can produce more hydro power, India can reduce its risk of flood damage and have fewer scheduled power cuts and China can improve its relationship with its neighbours – which opens up profitable trade opportunities.  Cooperation and proper supervision of water systems in China could mean improved lives and livelihoods downstream in Nepal and India. Latest research findings have shown that the glaciers in the region are retreating and glacial lakes are increasing

“Managing water resources for the livelihood of millions of people can play an important role to promote regional collaboration between India, Nepal and China in the Kosi basin,” Shahariar M. Wahid, ICIMOD’s Kosi Basin Programme coordinator, said here. Noting that the livelihoods of people are affected by increasing water politics, he said that technology transfer and exchange of scientific research among the three countries will help people living in the basin.

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