India’s river linking project is a huge disaster for Nepal

NEPALGUNJ, Aug 5: The ambitious river-linking project of India has turned out to be a huge disaster for Nepal, causing erosion of large chunks of land, loss of soil fertility and loss of habitat because of the subsequent flooding.

As a consequence of the Laxmanpur dam built on the Rapti river just across the border and the 22-km Kalkalawa embankment in the Bagauda area of India, over 2500 bigha of land in Nepal has been corroded, 4000 bigha of land has lost its fertility and more than 60,000 people have been directly affected by the floods.

“India has been constructing dams and embankments in the name of security of its land, thereby submerging Nepal. It is a serious breach of existing international laws,” Jagdish Bahadur Singh, the president of Laxmanpur Dam Victim Struggle Committee, said.

“Unfortunately, government of Nepal and stakeholders are mere spectators and have remained mum about the disaster resulted by the dam,” he said.

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