Landslides originating in India’s Dharchula block Mahakali River, put Nepal’s Darchula in great peril

Landslides occurring in Dharchula of India are partially blocking the Mahakali River, putting Khalanga, headquarters of Darchula district in Nepal, under threat.

Chief district officer Mohan Raj Joshi confirmed that landslide debris is blocking the flow. A huge hill is crashing down and we have yet to clear debris, he said.

Twelve days ago, when landslides occurred, the river was partially blocked, Joshi said, adding that landslides that occurred last night threaten to dam the river totally. The landslide debris are pushing the river towards Nepal, Joshi said, adding that it poses a serious threat to Nepali territories.

Joshi said he is monitoring the situation constantly, pointing that total blockade of the river can pose a threat to the area. That’s why we have requested nearby settlements to exercise caution, Joshi said.

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